To modify the options, copy the module.core.options.local.php.dist to you config/autoload directory, remove the .dist prefix and adjust the values

Name type description
siteName string The siteName is used in Mails. Typically it’s the name of your website
operator array Contact Data, which can be used in Mail signatures or the imprint page
supportedLanguages array supported frontend languages a user can switch to
defaultLanguages string default language to use, if no language is set. Default “en”
detectLanguage bool if enabled, YAWIK tries to detect the language from browser settings (if no language is set in the users settings)
defaultCurrency string default currency to use, if no currency is set. Default “USD”
defaultTaxRate string default tax rate to use, if no tax rate is set. Default “19”

supportedLanguages is an assoziative array. The key is used for routing. The value is used as the locale. The upper case part of the locale defines the regions.

protected $supportedLanguages = array(
       'de' => 'de_DE',
       'fr' => 'fr',
       'en' => 'en_US',
       'es' => 'es',
       'it' => 'it',
       'el' => 'el_GR'