CV (Curriculum vitae)ΒΆ

translation state of CV module.

The CV module offers the possibility to store CVs. A CV consists of a contact, information about the preferred jobs and job location of a candidate and a collection of education histories, work experiences, personal skills and attachments.

The following workflow can be offered.

  • Job ist posted
  • Candidate applies
  • hiring organization must reject the applicant.
  • The applicant is asked, if he agree to be added to a talent pool.
  • If the applicant agrees, his application is copied to the CV module. He gets login data to the YAWIK installation
  • If the applicant disagrees, the application is deleted.

In addition thr following features will be offered

  • Recruiter can add multiple CVs.
  • Recuiter/Applicant can import CVs from Europass
  • Applicant can import CV from Social Network