translation state of Core module.

The organizations module adds a storage for organizations. If this module is enabled, a user can create an organization. He can invite emploees via email to his organization. Employees can have the following roles

Role Description
organization admin Owner of an organization
recruiter Default Role of an employee
department manager Department managers can accept or reject applications
manager currently unused

In addition the following permissions can be set

Permissions Description
create jobs User can create job postings
edit jobs User can view and edit job postings
view jobs User can view job postings
edit applications User can update applications. Eg. rate, invite, reject, etc
view applications User can view the application including attachments etc.

Applicants refer to Organization Names in their work history. Job Postings require an Organization Name. Either the name of the hiring Organization or the name of an agency. A Recruiter has to assign himself to an Organization.

Organization Names are just Names. They are public. Organization Names are assigned to various ratings. If an Organization Name is used as an hiring Organization for a job posting, or if a recruiter is using an Organization name for it’s own company, the ranking is modified.

An Organization entity itself only contains a reference to an organization Name.