Common JavaScript Trigger

Trigger are used to broadcast certain events

Is triggered on the container, which is altered by the ajax.request. Remember, this event bubbles, so all listener on elements above will spring into action, too.

Naming Conventions

We are following the Zend Framework Coding Standard for PHP

  • Variables: lowerCaseStartingCamelCase like ….
  • Modules and Classes: UpperCaseStartingCamelCase
  • Array keys (options arrays): underscore_separated ( ‘option_key’ )
  • Service names Module/[SubCategory/]Service ok.
  • Configuration Keys invocable form element: UpperCaseStartingCamelCase, <Module>/<Element> like ‘Applications/Mail’
  • Configuration Keys invocable controllers: UpperCaseStartingCamelCase, <Module>/<Element> like ‘Applications/Mail’
  • Configuration Keys view scripts: lowercase, dash-separated, like ‘applications/index/disclaimer’