If you want to offer the registration for companies, this module might be helpful. It offers a registration form with additional fields. When a user registers, an user and an organization entity are created. This module requires the “Oganizations” Module.


to install the yawik/CompanyRegistration Module into a running YAWIK, change into the YAWIK/modules directory and clone the yawik/CompanyRegistration repository.

git clone

To activate the module create a php file named WhateverYouWant.module.php in your config autoload directory containing:

return ['CompanyRegistration'];

Another possibility to install YAWIK modules is using composer.

composer create-project cross-solution/yawik
cd yawik
composer require cross-solution/yawik-company-registration

This install the CompanyModule into the module directory of your YAWIK installation. You can uninstall the module via

composer remove cross-solution/yawik-company-registration

This removes the directory CompanyRegistration and all it content from your module directory of your YAWIK installation.


The registration form contains by default the fields:

  • gender
  • name
  • email
  • organizationName
  • postalCode
  • city
  • street
  • houseNumber
  • phone

You can configure the registration form. Copy the RegistrationFormOptions.config.local.php.dist into your autoload directory and adjust the values.