translation state of Auth module.

the auth module is based on hybridauth. The social networks Facebook, Xing and LinkedIn are ready to connect, just by configuring their API key and secret. Other Networks can be easily added.

User Data are stored in the users collection.

The Auth module offers the following features

  • Register with Facebook, Xing, LinkedIn, Google, Twitter or GitHub
  • Register via a configurable registration form
  • I forgot my Password
  • Roles for applicants, recruiters and admin
  • Notifications about new registrations

To configure the module, copy the into your config/autoload directory.

By using the optional Module CompanyRegistration, users can register as a company. The module provides a formular and creates a user and a company in one step.


template purpose triggered from
mail/register contains a confirmation-link to ensure the email-address. Without this assurance the account will not be fully activated  
mail/forgot-password Mail containing a link which enables the user to reset the password  
mail/first-socialmedia-login contains username and password. Mail is sent to the user after the first social media login  
mauk/first-external-login contains username and password. Mail is sent, after a user was created by an external application