The JobsByMail module offers a simple Formular to sign up to get the latest jobs by email. By activating the module you’ll be able to add the subscriber in your view form by adding the line <?=$this->proxy('jobsByMailSubscriptionForm')->render()?>


  • view script for the subscriber form and a result page.
  • form ist pre-filled with the latest search parameters
  • form can be used as an authenticated and as an anonymous user
  • module works with or without the solr module

If the form is used by an anonymous users, a confirmation mail is send to the subscriber. Search profiles width confirmed email addresses will receive new jobs my mail.

The information Mail about new Jobs contains an unsubscribe Link.


to install the yawik/JobsByMail Modul into a running YAWIK, change into the YAWIK/modules directory and clone the yawik/solr module.

git clone

To activate the module create a php file named WhateverYouWant.module.php in your config autoload directory containing:

return ['JobsByMail'];