FAQ: Customize Formulars

Is it possible to use a certain list of locations?

Yes. Since 0.29 it is possible to customize forms.

The Geo module offers to Form Elements. LocationSelect, which creates an autocomplete search fields for a location and SimpleLocationSelect, which can be used to create a select field with a certain list of locations.


Company XY has branch offices in Frankfurt, München and Stuttgart. The HR People want to simply select one of the location, if a job posting is created. This can be done by copying the Jobs/config/BaseFieldsetOptions.config.local.php.dist to the config/autoload directory.


When using SimpleLocationSelect, the form element comes with a search element. By entering a location, matching locations are fetched from a geo service.


When using LocationSelect the form looks like. There is a fixed list of locations. You can enrich your locations with all attributes of a Location entity