FAQ: General

File Upload does not work?

when trying to upload a file, the status wheel turns forever. Uploaded file is not stored.

This happens, if a javascript error occurse. You can only debug such a problem by using firebug or comparable developer tools. The MimeType of uploaded files is checked by default using the libmagic. Please make sure that:

  • the fileinfo extention exists. On FreeBSD, this extension has to be installed. On Linux, this extention is normally included by default. Check it by: php -m | grep fileinfo
  • Make sure, your Webserver can access /usr/share/misc/magic*. These files are referenced by YAWIK/vendor/zendframework/zend-validator/src/File/MimeType.php
  • make sure the access is not restricted by an open_basedir setting

File Upload shows “An unknown error occured” on large files

When the upload seems to work, but at the end, it shows an “An unknown error occured”, and in the log/error.log appears a line like

“ERR POST Content-Length of 16414047 bytes exceeds the limit of 8388608 bytes (errno 2)”

you should check that you set all required configuration values.

  • The allowed max size must be set in the yawik configurations .e.g. for attachments in an application the option ‘attachmentsMaxSize’ in the file config/autoload/applications.forms.global.php must be set appropriatly.
  • The php.ini value of ‘upload_max_size’ must also be set accordingly. Either in the php.ini or (for apache) via ‘php_admin_value’
  • Do not forget the ‘post_max_size’ php.ini option.