FAQ: Translation

How can I translate my module?

we use gettext for translation as default. Gettext by default scans the sources for translate() and setLabel() function calls. In addition, we’ve defined, that strings following the annotation /*@translate*/ should be translated as well. This is done by the little script translate. It scans .php and .phtml files for /*@translate*/ annotations and puts all following strings into the module/MyModule/language/_annotated_trings.php file.


This mechanism has the limitation, that the string which follows the annotation must be in one line.


/*@translate*/ 'this will be found by gettext'

'this will not be found by gettext'

executing bin/translate module/MyModule will scan all .php and .phtml files for texts to translate. This will create .po file in the module/MyModule/language directory, which you may translate with poedit

User Feedback:

  • “bin/translate module/MyModule” ausführen
  • poedit (unter kubuntu, Version 1.5.4, deutsche Version) starten
  • die de_DE.po öffnen
  • im Menü ‘Katalog’ -> ‘Aus POT-Datei aktualisieren …’ wählen
  • ‘messages.pot’ wählen

Nach Änderungen dann die de_DE.po speichern und das translate - Skript nochmal ausführen.