FAQ: XML Feeds

Can I export jobs via xml feeds?

Yes. YAWIK offers since 0.28 a default xml feed for all public job openings via the route lang/export/xml. Means for our demo https://yawik.org/demo/en/export/xml.

If you want do modify the xml structure to fit you needs, override the view jobs/export/feed. The view script gets injected a paginator containing jobs as jobs.

If you need different XML formats for different channels (in case you are offering multiposting) you can access feeds for different channels by extending the route name with the channel name. Example: our demo offers a channel yawik. The feed for this channel can be accessed via https://yawik.org/demo/en/export/xml . If YAWIK finds a view script named feed.yawik.xml.phtml, it uses it to render the xml. Otherwise it uses the default structure defined by feed.xml.phtml. You can access a channel feed via: https://yawik.org/demo/en/export/xml/yawik

Channel feeds only contain jobs, which are public on a certain feed. The URLs to job openings and application forms are containing the channel name, which makes counting easy.

If you use the YawikSolr module, Solr results are injected into the feeds automatically. Data, which are not available in solr are lazy loaded from mongo.