Install without composer

Get the latest YAWIK Package from Sourceforge. Packages are build as ZIP or TGZ archive. They extract into a subdirectory YAWIK-x.y.z. If you preserve the permissions, the directories cache and log should be writable after extraction.

tar preserves permissions with the p-Option. So unpack a TGZ with tar -xzpf YAWIK-y.x.z.tgz. unzip preserves the permissions by default (at least on ubuntu 14.4). So unpack a ZIP archive with unzip


By pointing your browser to the YAWIK-x.y.z/public directory, an installation page appears. You’ll be asked to enter a mongodb connection string, a username, a password and an email address.


YAWIK will run in production mode by default. So if you make modifications to the config autoload files you have to remove the cache/module-classmap-cache.module_map.php and cache/module-config-cache.production.php.