Installation with composerΒΆ

A YAWIK instance can be build with composer.

composer create-project yawik/standard path/to/yawik

This will install YAWIK with all development dependencies. You can add additional modules with

cd path/to/yawik
composer require [modulename]

For a list of available modules, check

If you do not want to have all development dependencies on your production server, you need to copy all files except the vendor directory and all directories under public from path/to/yawik to a new directory. In this directory you then run

composer install --no-dev

Alternatively you can create a new yawik project and copy the files config/modules.config.php and composer.lock from path/to/yawik. Then run the composer install

composer create-project --no-dev path/to/yawik-production
cd path/to/yawik-production
cp path/to/yawik/config/modules.config.php ./config
cp path/to/yawik/composer.lock path/to/yawik/composer.json .
composer install --no-dev

Finally you need to transfer the path/to/yawik-production to your webserver. For configuring apache to server YAWIK, please look in the section below. Document root must be the public directory.