Install for Developers

if you want to modify the YAWIK code, you should clone the repository from Github. The repository does not contain any dependency. You have to import all dependencies by executing the ì script located in the YAWIK root. This scripts imports all external libraries via composer. In addition, it creates the directories log, cache ùnd config/autoload and set the directory permissions to a+w.

git clone

After the execution you are ready to point your browser to the public directory. You’ll get the install wizard and after entering the initial user, the database connection and an email address you are ready to use YAWIK.

At this point your `config/autoload directory contains only one file containing the database connection string. The initial user is created with the àdmin role in the database.

$ ls YAWIK/config/autoload

All other configurations are currently done manually by copying the `*.dist files from the modules configuration directory to the autoload directory and removing the “.dist” part.


To disable the caching of the config autoload files you need to set an environment variable called APPLICATION_ENV to the value “development”

If you use apache, you can do this in your virtual section config with SetEnv APPLICATION_ENV="development"