current development is using:

  • php5-solr (pecl >= 2.4.0)
  • apache solr (6.1)


Debian 8 ships with php5-solr 1.0.2. You can build your solr extension by:

aptitude install php5-dev libcurl4-openssl-dev libxml2-dev
pecl install solr
echo "" > /etc/php5/mods-available/solr.ini
php5enmod solr
php -m| grep solr # should show the activated solr extension

Good resources on how to install solr:


to install the yawik/solr Modul into a running YAWIK, change into the YAWIK/modules directory and clone the yawik/solr module.

git clone

To activate the module create a php file named WhateverYouWant.module.php in your config autoload directory containing:

return ['Solr'];

To configure the solr connection copy the Solr options file into you autoload directory and adjust the values.

cp module/Solr/config/solr.moduleoptions.local.php.dist config/autoload/solr.moduleoptions.local.php


Solr needs a schema. The schema is currently a work in progress. You can use the schema in Solr/contrib.

you can initially index all active jobs by:

bin/console solr index job


YAWIK entities are searchable using the fulltext feature offered by mongodb. These features are great and normally sufficient, to offer e.g. jobs on a career page. If you want to use YAWIK as a jobboard, the requirements increase. A jobboard normally offers millions of jobs to millions of visitors. At first you need a scaling search engine. Currently Solr is supported.

Using the solr module, you’ll get full featured search engine offering the following features:

  • facet searches (e.g. list of categories showing possible matches)
  • highlight matches in the search result